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Services Offered

Primary Services Specialty Services
   Certified Herbicide / Pesticide Applicator  
   Disease/ Insect Damage Diagnostics and Advice  
   Forest Management/ Stewardship Plans  
   Forest Products Management and Marketing  
   Ornamental/ Shade Tree Appraisals  
   Timber Basis/ Forest Taxation Assistance and Advice  
   Timber Inventory  
   Timber Sale Marking and Administration  
   Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)  
   Timber Valuation and Appraisals  
   Tree Planting  
   Urban Tree Inventories  
   Agroforestry and Tree Farm Planning and Assistance  
   Auditor, Master Logger Program  
   Bioenergy Development  
   Boundary Line Marking and Maintenance  
   Business Planning  
   Carbon Markets Enrollment  
   Christmas Tree Farm Management  
   City Ordinance and Grant Applications  
   Communications Planning  
   Construction Oversight and Tree Protection  
   Direct Seeding  
   Emerald Ash Borer Treatments  
   Environmental Impact Statements  
   Estate Planning  
   Expert Witness Testimony  
   Farm Management and Layout Planning  
   Fire Suppression Class Instructor  
   Forest Certification  
   Forest Resource Supply Analysis  
   Forest Road/ Trail Layout and Cutting  
   Government Program Planning and Assistance  
   GPS/ GIS Services  
   Groundwater Studies  
   Hazard Tree Analysis and Recommendations  
   Incident Management/ Emergency Response Training & Development  
   Instructor for Chainsaw Safety and Use  
   Karst Land Management  
   Landscape Planning, Design, and Development  
   Lease Hunting Management  
   Meeting Facilitation  
   Member only, no consulting services offered  
   Operational Risk Management  
   Oral Presentations  
   Outdoor Photography  
   Pond and Lake Management  
   Prescribed Fire Planning and Implementation  
   Quality Deer Management  
   Real Estate Sales and Evaluation  
   Reclamation/ Reforestation  
   Riparian Corridor Management  
   Safety Programs & Training Seminars  
   Simulation Design & Delivery  
   Surface Water Studies  
   Tree Farm Inspection  
   Tree Felling  
   Walnut Management  
   Walnut Prune and Release  
   Watershed Management/ Protection  
   Wetland Surveys and Delineations  
   Wildfire Suppression  
   Wildlife Food Plot Layout  
   Wildlife Habitat Establishment  
   Wildlife Management  
   Windbreak Planning  
   Wood Accountability (pay-as-cut sales)  
   Wood Processing Technical Assistance  
   Writing and Editing (Handouts/Pamphlets/Articles/etc.)  

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