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The ultimate in professional expertise... Look for the "Certified Forester" designation when selecting a consulting forester. It indicates a professional certification designated by the Society of American Foresters.

Who Needs a Consulting Forester?

  • FOREST LANDOWNERS: To manage their resource for multiple uses while considering economic potential.
  • ATTORNEYS and INSURANCE COMPANIES: to gather evidence establishing facts about conditions on a client's property and to assist on forest resource litigation and claims.
  • BANKERS and ACCOUNTANTS: to plan estate forest resource management and to summarize forest financial data for taxation purposes.
  • CITY and COUNTY AGENCIES: to perform inventories of street tree populations or create maps and inventories of park trees utilizing Global Positionong Systems. Provide training of tree maintenance crews.
  • ARCHITECTS, SITE PLANNERS, BUILDERS: to provide detailed expertise in tree protection strategies on sites planned for development.
  • HOME OWNERS and PROPERTY MANAGERS: to provide accurate and unbiased diagnosis of tree and shrub problems; and to provide Plant Health Care information to create more attractive and healthy plants.

Why Select a Consulting Forester?

The purpose of engaging a consulting forester is to get competent, professional advice and assistance in the management and marketing of forest resources. Just as the use of expert medical, legal, business, financial, or tax advice is expected to improve one's livelihood, so the employment of a consulting forester can be expected to generate or improve income and reduce costs while improving landowner's forest property for future uses and growth. It is in the forest lanowner's best interest to obtain the best possible advice and assistance since any operation carried out in the forest has a very long lasting effect.

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